Welcome to Nature Art Studios repurposed metal art

The Creative Process

Your metal nature sculpture is made from a sheet of solid copper or aluminum. The metal is repurposed, originally to be used for roof flashing or street signs.

First, I draw the rough shape on the metal and cut it out with aviation snips. Chisels, punches, hammers, and mallets bring the form to life.

After polishing the surface with ultrafine steel wool, I etch it with a patina solution or wipe on an antiquing wax.

Finally, the piece is sprayed with a clear coat to preserve the colors and finish, and a glass taxidermy eye is added on some pieces.

Iím self-taught and use a blend of tools from traditional metalworking, autobody work, and wood working.

To cushion and deaden the hammer blows, my workbench is lined with a thick piece of rubber stable matting and the tool handles are wrapped with soft foam.

The chisel adds lines to the fins.
The mallet shapes the form. Steel wool polishes the copper.
The patina etches the surface.

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